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Published on: March 02, 2012
Filed under: Employee/Employer Relations, Discipline, Insolent Behaviour`, Frivolous and vexatious Behaviour
Does this sound familiar?  Multiple grievances or complaints received from the same person on the same issue.  You have taken every step to answer the grievances and still yet they continue to come in unabated.  You want to maintain respect for the grievance process, but you begin to ask yourself, “can I put a stop to this given that I responded the first time and still my answer goes unrecognized by the Sisyphean employee with an never emptying inkwell and bottomless ...Read More
Published on: February 27, 2012
Filed under: Discipline, Alcohol at Work
Intoxicants are clearly inappropriate in the workplace. Those employees who drink during working hours or who show up for work under the influence of alcohol are not only at risk of impaired performance, but also of threatening the health and safety of other employees. As a result, employees who drink before or during working hours are liable to be disciplined by their employers. Arbitral case law upholding “zero tolerance” policies applied to employees who have the smell of ...Read More
Published on: February 18, 2012
Filed under: Discipline, Insubordination, Insolent Behaviour`
I am often asked by clients, what action they can take in response to insolent actions or defiant behaviour from employees.  Given the very subjective nature of the issue, it is not always an easy case to make.  However, management is not without recourse and there are some guidelines that you can follow that may help you decide whether or not to discipline an employee for insolent/defiant behaviour. Conduct that is threatening, insolent or contemptuous of management may be found ...Read More
Published on: February 17, 2012
Filed under: Discipline, Insubordination
Overview of Insubordination One of the most basic and long-standing rules of arbitration law is that employees who dispute the propriety of their employers' orders must, subject to the considerations that follow, comply with those orders and only subsequently, through the grievance procedure, challenge their validity. This general principle, which requires employees to "work first and grieve later", has been applied in industrial, educational and hospital settings, and to professional ...Read More
Published on: January 12, 2012
Filed under: Discipline, Leaving Work Without Permission
Leaving Work Without Permission Ah, summer days, sunshine, and the many distractions that come with the season are only short months away.  What to do then when an employee decides to leave work for the day before the end of their scheduled departure time, or leaves early for lunch or their break, when they should be performing their duties?  Of course summer is not the only time when a staff member may be away from work without permission.  In looking at this type of ...Read More
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