I have had the opportunity to engage the services of Jamieson HR Consulting on a number of occasions over the past 3.5 years.  Charles brings with him a wealth of expert knowledge coupled with a high degree of emotional intelligence, that he successfully leverages to resolve workplace challenges.  His dedication to clients is apparent, and he was always extremely quick to respond to our needs.  I consider him to be a trusted advisor and I highly recommend Charles and his firm.

Director General and M.D., Government of Canada Agency

My experience with Charles Jamieson was an extremely positive one despite the fact that it started due to a difficult employee relations issue. Charles provided timely, relevant, and practical advice on how to proceed with the specific labour relations issues. He also provided excellent support, which included briefings before specific proceedings, document templates (e.g. letters to employees), examples of relevant case law to support decisions, and training for myself and other supervisory staff. I would not hesitate to recommend Charles as an HR consultant for any company.

Manager, Government of Canada Agency

Charles Jamieson has proven himself to be an expert in his field and was an invaluable resource to our organization over a number of years. He supported us on a number of high level labour relations cases and ultimately through his expertise and guidance we were able to bring closure to several cases one of which had been active for over six years. I highly recommend Charles, without any reservations, for any HR related needs.

Acting Director General, Government of Canada Agency

Charles Jamieson's work with our organization has been excellent and very well received. The in-depth workplace assessment / employee survey he developed and implemented was crucial to identifying and documenting key issues needing attention. His further work with us on developing a management action plan as well as delivering of workshops to staff on difficult conversations and labour relations issues was very well received by both management and staff in our organization.

Executive Director, Government of Canada Department

JamiesonHR (Charles) provided our unit with the labour relations/legal expertise and knowledge to support me as a manager. He was recommended to me by a colleague and I would not hesitate to recommend his services to any other public service manager who needs quick, expert advice.

Manager, Government of Canada Department

I have heard it said many times over the course of my career in management at all levels that a good human resources person is worth their weight in gold. Given the core value and absolute necessity for any organization to effectively manage its human resource contingent, I believe this statement to be true. It has also been my experience that strong, knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated human resources professionals are often hard to find. Charles Jamieson is one of those rare finds. His ability to quickly size up a situation and provide insightful advice and guidance was a constant source of strength for me in my role as the Director General of Human Resources.

Bolstered by his long career and experience in dealing with challenging human resources management issues, Charles is able to bring measured, reasoned and calm advice and leadership to any organization. Charles is able to apply his vast knowledge of leading HR management trends and topical jurisprudence in dealing with HR challenges, especially in, but not limited to, the fields of labour relations, HR planning and employee relations. An effective project manager, Mr. Jamieson brings a demonstrated track record of being able to develop and deliver quality human resources management frameworks, systems and action plans and to establish these against a transformative and leading edge vision of human resources management. His admirable and well honed negotiation skills, his ability to provide relevant strategic advice and his mastery of the intricate and sometimes bewildering world of HR rules, regulations and legislation, make him a truly valuable resource that can assist any organization seeking to either improve its overall HR management environment or deal with specific HR management challenges.

Director General, Government of Canada Agency

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Charles Jamieson's work with our organization has been excellent and very well received.

Executive Director, Government of Canada Department

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